UChoose rewards - Benefits

Spending money has never been so rewarding.

FARMERS BANK can't wait for you to start earning your UChoose Rewards points.


  • You will accumulate points for your signature based transactions*.
  • For every $3 spent on signature based transactions, you will receive one UChoose Rewards point.
  • You then redeem your points for various merchandise and gifts through UChoose Rewards!.
  • In-Store pickup of merchandise.
  • Electronic Gift Cards.
  • On-Line purchases with Electronic Gift Cards.
  • You may earn even more points from mechant participating in UChoose Rewards!
  • New Mobile Ap for UChoose Rewards!

You must register at www.uchooserewards.com to start building your points today!

You can review our NEW UChoose Rewards program benefits by clicking on the UChoose Rewards icon on our homepage or call 866-511-1397.

UChoose Rewards is our way of saying, "Thank You" for choosing FARMERS BANK as your partner in providing financial solutions.

Use your FARMERS BANK CHECK CARD for all your purchases and sign away . . . to get away!

*Transactions that require you to use your PIN number are not eligible to earn UChoose Rewards points.

**There are no additional fees for the UChoose Rewards program.

Login to view all reward choices, check your point balances, redeem your pionts for rewards, and track your orders.