A simple, inexpensive business checking account for small businesses that allows you to:

  • Write up to 200 checks per month
  • Make up to 50 deposits per month
  • Deposit up to 300 checks per month
  • No monthly fee if you maintain a $1,500 minimum balance
  • $7.00 monthly fee if your minimum balance drops below $1,500


  • Accounts will be analyzed on an individual basis and a service charge will be applied based on volume of activity with the account.
  • Merchant accounts are given credit for deposit balances held at the Farmers Bank.
  • For additional information on misc. fees, see the Rates and Fees page.

Monthly Maintenance handling cost of: $4.00 per month
Federal Reserve Requirement held for business dealing 10.00%
Net Uncollected balances 12.00% APR
Earnings Credit Rate (ECR) on collected balance Average Monthly
FED FUNDS Rate - .25%
Deposited Items:
On-Us checks (Farmers National Bank checks) $0.035 each
Local Checks (in SLC Federal Reserve District) $0.035 each
Nonlocal checks (out of SLC Federal Reserve District) $0.075 each
Account Activity:
Debit transactions
(Checks, ACH debits, ATM transactions)
$0.10 each
Credit transactions
(Deposits, ACH credits, payroll, etc)
$0.20 each
Currency & Coin:
Number of rolls of Coin taken $0.05 per roll
Number of thousands of currency @.60 $0.60 per $1,000
*If you have further questions please contact your local Farmers Bank office or call Customer Service at 208-734-1500