Real Estate Loans

real estate loansLooking for a Real Estate Loan that fits your needs?

  • Commercial
  • Agricultural
  • Residential Mortgages
  • Interim Construction
  • Purchase
  • Refinance



We’ll make a Real Estate loan tailor made to fit your needs!!

How to begin:

1.    Contact your local branch office for an appointment or call one of our mortgage loan officers in Twin Falls  734-7264 or Jerome  324-3800.

2.    Complete the application to the best of your ability and make an appointment with one of our mortgage officers one of the numbers listed above.

3.    At your appointment you will go through the interview process.

4.    During the interview, you may be asked for additional material needed by the loan officer to aid in the decision process. Deliver that material to the bank as soon as possible.

5.    Allow time for the processors to prepare your documentation and receive an answer as to whether your loan was approved or declined.

6.    If approved, you will receive a call with a closing date setup for you to sign documents.

7.    If declined, you will receive a call and a letter from the mortgage officer.


Much of the time delay, if any, in completing the mortgage process from application to closing is the result of not having needed information from outside sources, such as customer information, appraisals, or title policy information. Just have patience and things will eventually fall into place.