What's New

"NEW" - Tradition Checking w/added benefits of BaZing

Benefits will include:

  • $2,500 Identity Theft and Fraud Protection.
  • 2 FREE boxes of checks per year.
  • Cell Phone Repair service.
  • FREE Annual Fee VISA (upon approved credit).
  • $10,000 Travel Accidental Death Insurance.
  • Local and National Dining Discounts.
  • Local Service Discounts.
  • Local and National Shopping discount online and through your mobile device.
  • Nationwide Travel, Hotel, Auto Rental, & Entertainment discounts.
  • Roadside Assistance program.
  • Savings on Prescriptions, Vision, and Hearing Aids.

All for only $7 per month. 

A $2 credit toward your montly fee is available, if you elect to recieve a monthly eStatement. 

Bill Pay

****  New, Enhanced Bill Pay  ****

You can pay by check or electronically!

  • New e-bill feature will allow you to view your merchant billing statements through Bill Pay.
  • New ability to use Bill Pay through your cell phone by using Mobile Banking.
  • New "Pop Money" feature will allow you to make a payment to a person or individual ($0.50 charge per transaction).
  • If a Merchant is paid by check, the check will clear your account and an image will be maintained in your statement.  (Whatever method of payment your payee will accept.)
  • Save on postage!
  • Save on envelopes!
  • View up to 18 months of Payment History.
  • Most importantly, save on TIME!
  • Best of all - It's FREE!

Calculate your savings from using Bill Pay by clicking on the following calculator:   Bill Pay Calculator

You can choose whatever date you wish to make your payments.
You don’t even need to be here to make your payments. Schedule your payments then schedule your vacation!

Just fill out the Electronic Banking and Bill Pay Application form and either mail, fax, or take this form into your nearest Farmers National Bank office.  You’ll be up and running in no time.

We feel confident, if you try our newly released Bill Pay system, you will love it!

Check out our Bill Pay demo site and see for yourself.

Online Education Center - OEC

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your local office for further information.

Bill Pay Terms and Conditions




Right from your cell phone you may:

  • Inquire on your accounts using text messaging.
  • Inquire on your accounts using handy app functionality.
  • View account balances.
  • View account transactions.
  • Transfer funds from one account to another.
  • Receive custom Alerts created by you on your accounts.

Mobile Banking is fully secure with use of Dual Authentication Verification.

We even have an Online Education Center (OEC) to show you how easy it is to use Mobile Banking.  Click here to learn more.



If you have questions regarding Mobile Banking, you can call your local Farmers Bank office or contact our Customer Service Department at (208) 734-1500.

UChoose Rewards!   -    CHECK CARD  rewards   PROGRAM

Spending money has never been so rewarding.

FARMERS BANK can't wait for you to start earning your UChoose Rewards points.


  • You will accumulate points for your signature based transactions* .
  • For every $3 spent on signature based transactions, you will receive one UChoose Rewards point.
  • You then redeem your points for various merchandise and gifts through UChoose Rewards!.
  • In-Store pickup of merchandise
  • Electronic Gift Cards
  • On-Line purchases with Electronic Gift Cards
  • You may earn even more points from mechant participating in UChoose Rewards!
  • New Mobile Ap for UChoose Rewards !

You must register at   www.uchooserewards.com   to start building your points today!

You can review our NEW UChoose Rewards program benefits by clicking on the UChoose Rewards icon on our homepage or call 866-511-1397.

UChoose Rewards is our way of saying, "Thank You" for choosing FARMERS NATIONAL BANK as your partner in providing financial solutions.

Use your FARMERS BANK CHECK CARD for all your purchases and sign away . . . to get away!

*Transactions that require you to use your PIN number are not eligible to earn UChoose Rewards points.

**There are no additional fees for the UChoose Rewards program.

Click Here to log in.



Are you tired of trying to understand account analysis and how the bank charges work? If you want a simple, inexpensive business checking account, our NEW Small Business Checking is what you're looking for.


  • Write up to 200 checks.
  • Make up to 50 deposits.
  • Deposit up to 300 checks.
  • FREE, if you maintain a $1,500 minimum balance*.

*$7 Monthly fee if minimum balance drops below $1,500.

"Making Your Life Easier" so come ASK US ABOUT IT! Visit your local office for details.


Are you  losing money every payday or billing cycle?

Can your business be more efficient?

If the answer to either of the above questions is “Yes”, you should consider becoming an “ACH Originator”. We now provide a service that makes creating your own debits and direct credits simple and easy. ACH Origination can be used for payroll or bill collection. ACH Origination puts you in control of your money. With ACH, you can move money, pay employees and collect bills electronically, all with a few key strokes. In addition, this service helps cut your costs, while providing additional benefits for both you, your employees, and your customers.

Calculate you savings using ACH Origination by using our ACH Calculator

To learn more about ACH Origination click on: ACH Origination