7 Tips for Finding an Idaho Bank That's Right for You

What do you look for in a bank? Access to a large ATM network? Security for your savings? Friendly and helpful staff? 

With only 23 percent of global banking customers reporting that they are happy with their current choice, it seems that many banks in the US and beyond are failing to meet their clients' expectations. 

If you too are unhappy with your current bank, you might be thinking of switching. But how can you ensure that your chosen Idaho bank meets your needs and more? Keep reading to learn how to find the right bank in Idaho for you!


1. Prioritize Financial Security

While there are many different Idaho banks to choose from, your top choice will likely be the bank that ensures a safe and secure environment for its customers and their money at all times. 

These days, online hackers are the biggest threat to your financial security. This is why it pays to go with a bank that issues cards with EMV (chip) technology that also support the CardValet app.

Although EMV technology keeps your card safe throughout day-to-day spending, CardValet offers another level of security by allowing you to control and protect your cards wherever you are. With CardValet, you can turn your cards on and off, view recent card activity, and even limit purchases by dollar amount, merchant type, or location - all from your mobile device. 


2. Consider Accessibility 

Even if you plan to do most of your banking online, you should never underestimate the importance of having access to local branches. 

Bank branches still play a vital role in the lives of most consumers, especially when opening a new account or arranging a new product such as a home mortgage loan

Or indeed, if you're considering switching to a whole new Idaho bank, you'll want to choose one with multiple branches. This way, it will be easier for you to go and talk to an advisor in person when discussing the best account options and terms for you. 


3. Focus on Community Relationships

You'll often find that community banks offer far superior customer support than big national banks. But you can really notice the difference between banks in Idaho when it comes to building strong and lasting relationships with customers and the community. 

As well as friendly and knowledgeable banking staff at every step of the way, the right Idaho bank for you will also play a  prominent role in the community. By supporting worthwhile projects that aim to improve the quality of life for those residing in the local area, you know that your chosen bank is as invested in Idaho as you are. 


4. Expect the Latest Technology

Many Idaho banking institutions might be founded on a long-standing history of strong personal relationships. But that doesn't mean they don't know how to move with the times. 

Although you might prefer the reassurance of having several branches close by, there's no denying that being able to check your balance, transfer funds, and pay bills through an easy-to-use smartphone app is very handy. 

And then there's the added convenience that comes with the latest banking technologies such as mobile wallet payments or Zelle transfers. Whether you're shopping online, splitting the bill with friends, or short on cash at the checkout, knowing that your chosen bank supports these modern payment methods is a must in today's busy world. 


5. Look for Lifestyle Support

Branch accessibility and technological banking support are both vital for supporting our modern lifestyles. But the right bank for you should also meet your needs in other ways. 

If you're self-employed, for example, you'll want an Idaho bank that can provide you with financial support as you build your business. Such services might include an inexpensive small business checking with no monthly service fees or minimum balance requirements. Or, if your business is already running smoothly, you'll likely be interested in a business account that rewards your relationship. 

For individuals looking to save more money, look for a bank that offers features such as high-yield savings accounts or the ability to open and name separate accounts for different savings goals. And, for those of you thinking about securing your future finances, a bank that offers individual retirement accounts is a must. 


6. Investigate the Terms and Conditions

As you might expect, it's vital to prioritize integrity and honesty when selecting the right Idaho bank. And one of the easiest ways to check how your chosen bank lines up is by reviewing your chosen bank's rates and fees

This information will include everything from overdraft fees to out-of-network ATM charges. And, when comparing products and prices, make sure that these are long-term offers and not promotional teaser rates for new customers only.  


7. Seek Out Spending Benefits 

While we're on the subject of benefits and offers, most modern-day customers expect to get something back when they spend by card.

To reap rewards in this way, make sure to go for an Idaho bank that offers UChoose reward points for all card purchases. Whether you prefer to use a check card or a credit card, you can earn points to redeem for anything from cash to gift cards to travel experiences!


Choosing the Right Idaho Bank for You

As this checklist shows, there are a lot of different factors to take into account when choosing the right Idaho bank for you. 

Some of you might be more inclined toward a bank that offers outstanding business support or a range of financial services. Others may prefer a bank that prides itself on excellent customer care or supports the latest banking technology. 

But what if you could find an Idaho bank that provided all that and more? 

Farmers Bank Idaho has been serving the Gem State and its residents since 1917, and still continues to offer the best service for all its customers, whatever their needs and preferences, and no matter how they change over time. For more information, feel free to get in touch with your local branch to find out how Farmers Bank Idaho could help you!