A Complete Guide to Farmers Bank Idaho

Nearly 25% of Americans don't use a bank to manage their finances. As a result, they are often the victims of money services like payday loans or other cash advancements.

Out of those who are banked, a large percentage say they are unhappy with their current bank. But financial services are available to everyone, regardless of income level. And everyone needs a bank they can trust.

At Farmers Bank Idaho, we strive to provide our clients with the best financial products and services along with the highest level of service. Our goal is to treat every client like family, not like an account number.

Are you currently searching for a new bank that can meet all your needs, while providing the lowest interest rates and fees? Keep reading our Farmers Bank Idaho guide below to see how we can make managing your finances as simple and rewarding as possible. 


Conveniently Serving Idaho Residents

There are currently six Farmers Bank Idaho locations in south-central Idaho, otherwise known as the Magic Valley. You can branches in Buhl, Jerome, Twin Falls, and Wendell.

We take pride in serving our local communities. While more banking is completed online, we are always available during the week in our lobby or at our drive-up windows. You can also find Farmers Bank ATM locations for easy withdraws and deposits at any time. 

Our goal is to not simply provide products and services to those who make our communities so special but to also take an active role in our local neighborhoods. We want to see our towns flourish, economic activity increase, and residents succeed.

Wide Range of Financial Products

When it comes to financial management, Farmers Bank has everything you need to succeed. We have numerous checking accounts available, ranging from fee-free checking accounts (with e-statements) to interest-bearing checking accounts.

Savings accounts earn 0.12% APY and have no minimum balance requirements. The account is free to maintain as long as you retain a balance of at least $50. 

Our customers also love the Farmers Bank credit card. This Visa credit card earns cash back on all purchases. And you get to choose how to redeem that cash. You can redeem the points for travel expenses or redeem them for gifts or gift cards.

There's no annual fee for holding the credit card if you also have a Farmers Bank Tradition Checking Account. 

Farmers Bank Idaho Investment Opportunities

Looking to our your money to work? At Farmers Bank, you can open a certificate of deposit (CD) and earn interest rates ranging from 0.15% to 0.55%, depending on how long you elect to store your funds. 

You can also open an individual retirement account (IRA), which can be used as your main retirement savings plan, or in addition to other accounts that you may already have. 


Farmers Bank Idaho Loans

Need a loan for your dream home in Idaho? Or are you looking to finance a new car purchase, or start a business? Farmers Bank has many loan programs available. 

Consumer loans can be used for purchases like cars or recreational vehicles. For business owners, we offer SBA loans and commercial loans. We proudly offer agricultural loans as well, just as we have since our inception in 1917, when our founders saw the potential that the Magic Valley had for crop production.

And with a wide range of mortgage loan offerings, almost anyone can buy a home with Farmers Bank.

We offer conventional mortgages, refinancing, and low-down-payment mortgage programs such as FHA and VA. Our one-time close construction loans streamline the process and building your house. 

We also offer a wide variety of in-house mortgage options. Regardless of your goals or current financial situation, we have a loan option for you. 


Farmers Bank Idaho Merchant Services

If you take payments from customers on a daily basis, you know how critical it is to process transactions without friction. Farmers Bank offers merchant services helping you to collect payment at the POS, take payments online, process transactions via a touchpad on the phone, and much more.

Ensure your customers have a smooth interaction with your business by taking advantage of the latest payment processing technology through Farmers Bank. 


Stay Up to Date With Electronic and Mobile Banking

Staying within your budget is much easier to do when you can check your balance at any time. In our day in age, electronic and mobile banking is a must.

Farmers Bank makes it easy to log into our online portal and manage your bank accounts and loans through one easy dashboard. You can also download our mobile app to handle the same tasks on the go. 

Check balances, transfer funds, make loan payments, and deposit check remotely at any time. You can also send money directly to friends and family using Zelle


Farmers Bank Idaho History

So why should you choose Farmers Bank? We have been serving our local communities in the Magic Valley since 1917. J.C. Hamilton began working at the bank in 1918 and proceeded to invest all he had into the bank and into the local community.

With a firm belief in the valley, multiple generations of Hamilton's have kept Farmers Bank moving forward. In 2005, the latest succession took place, as our current president, Mike Hamilton, began his presidency of Farmers Bank. And in 2014, the 4th generation of Hamiltons officially joined the team. 

We understand that the key to success is treating everyone like family. Just as our family has given everything to keep the tradition of Farmers Bank alive here in the Magic Valley. 


Stop Into Your Local Farmers Bank Branch Today

At Farmers Bank Idaho, our goal is to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to take control of your finances and to see your dreams come true. Every product and service we offer is intended to make our communities a better place.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about any of our products and services. Stop into your local Farmers Bank branch location today to open your first account.

A Complete Guide to the Farmers Bank Credit Card


Credit cards are on of  the most secure, and most convenient method of payment today. Today's credit cards come standard with features like built-in fraud protection, and incentives such as travel rewards points and cashback.

It's no wonder why 70% of Americans have at least one credit card in their wallet and are using this over cash, debit cards, or alternative forms of payment.  

For those who want the benefits that come with a credit card, without the hassle of dealing with corporate mega-banks, consider applying for the Farmers Bank credit card. 

At Farmers Bank, our focus is on providing the best service, and the best financial products to the members of our local community. We are the local bank you can trust, with tradition you can count on.

Read our Farmers Bank credit card guide below to discover why this card might be perfect for you. 


Security Features of the Farmers Bank Credit Card

The Farmers Bank credit card comes loaded with the features you need in our modern society. For starters, we've partnered with Visa, the world's leader in credit card issuance.

Unlike other payment processors, Visa doesn't issue cards directly but partners with member financial institutions, like Farmers Bank, to supply credit cards to the public. And Visa cards are accepted around the globe. 

Our Visa credit cards come embedded with EMV chips, which provide security to your purchases by preventing fraud. If someone manages to use your card for unauthorized purchases, you will never be held liable. You won't have to pay for these purchases, as Visa will make it right.

And you can use the Card Valet app to go to greater lengths to control and protect your card account. Through the app, you can turn your cards on or off at any time and receive alerts for new card activity. 

You can even set limits on your card for where it can be used and how much can be spent on individual purchases to prevent unauthorized access. 


Earn Rewards With the Farmers Credit Card

One of the biggest benefits of using your new Farmers credit card is our flexible cashback program. Through the uChoose Rewards Program, you'll earn one rewards point for every dollar you spend on your credit card.

Spending $100 earns you 100 points, while spending $1,000 will earn you 1,000 points. There are no purchase or category restrictions. 

You can redeem your points at any time on whatever rewards options you choose. Our members love redeeming points for electronic gift cards at your favorite retailers.

Or you can redeem points for anything else available on the uChoose Rewards catalog, including airfare, event tickets, electronics, and more. 

Once your Farmers credit card is open, you'll register your account with the uChoose Rewards website. You can earn a maximum of 120,000 points each year, and points are valid for up to three years following the month that they were posted to your account. 


No Annual Fees With Corresponding Checking Account

Many financial institutions charge annual fees for their credit cards, which often range from $95 per year to more than $400 per year. But with the Farmers credit card, you can enjoy the card benefits for free, as long as you also have the Farmers Bank Tradition Checking Account.

With a Farmers checking account, paying off your card each month is fast and easy through your online portal. The Tradition Checking account is an interest-bearing account. And it's free to maintain, so long as your balance remains above $200. 

And with this checking account, you'll receive your first box of checks for free and get free money orders and cashiers checks (two per day). You'll also get the benefit of redeeming your credit card points for cashback if you have the Tradition Checking account. 

By having both a Tradition Checking Account and a Farmers credit card, you can enjoy all of these benefits at no additional cost to you by maintaining a minimum monthly balance. 

Want to know our current Farmers Bank credit card rates? You can give us a call or visit your local branch for answers to any credit card-related questions. 


Farmers Bank Credit Card Tips

Your Farmers credit card is perfect for any type of purchase. They can be used for easy and secure payments online through your favorite retailers. You can also use them to pay bills, such as household utilities or insurance, and set up recurring monthly payments.

Use them locally, as almost any store or restaurant accepts Visa credit cards without restrictions. They're also perfect for travel reservations, where deposits are often required when booking and during the length of your reservation.

Remember, the more you use your Farmers credit card, the more points you'll earn, and the more freebies you can redeem them for. 

Credit cards also make it possible to get refunds directly through Visa. If you are scammed and make a purchase from a company that doesn't deliver, you can dispute the transaction. 

You can also add your Farmers credit card to your mobile wallet on your smartphone through Apply Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Doing so allows you to make contactless payments at most retailers. Having a mobile wallet in place is perfect for when you forget your wallet. 


Farmers Credit Card Application

Ready to fill out your Farmers Bank credit card application? The easiest way to apply for your new credit card is to visit a local Farmers Bank Branch.

We currently have six convenient locations in Buhl, Jerome, Twin Falls, and Wendell, Idaho. Our branch locations are open from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Thursday, and from 9 AM to 6 PM on Fridays. 

We cannot wait to help you open a credit card that will work for you. 

Visit Your Local Branch Today

Most Americans use debit and credit cards for all of their purchases. They are easy to carry and use, widely accepted, and offer excellent security and fraud protection.

And with the rewards offered by the Farmers credit card, and the opportunity to open the card without an annual fee, there's no reason not to open a card today.

Visit your local Farmers Bank branch to see how we can help you with all your borrowing needs today

Idaho Mortgage: How to Apply for One Successfully

If you’re in the market for an Idaho mortgage, you’ve come to the right place. The real estate market in Idaho is hotter than ever. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, new to Idaho, or a seasoned homeowner, we’ll go over everything you need to know about applying for a mortgage.

From what documents to gather to how to determine your budget, we’ve rounded up all the Idaho mortgage application tips to help get you started. Think of this as your go-to Idaho mortgage guide. Let’s get you one step closer to your new Idaho dream home.

1. Start Gathering Your Financial Information

Before you begin your mortgage application, it’s helpful to gather a few key pieces of information. First, you’ll want to download or save a copy of your most recent tax returns and W2’s. Go back and do this for the past two years to help the application process go faster. This will help us verify your annual income.

Next, gather your most recent paystubs from the past months. If you’re applying for a mortgage with a spouse or partner, we’ll also need their paystub and employment information. This helps us verify your employment as well as your monthly income. This information is most importantly, used to help us determine an affordable loan amount.

In addition to your income information, we’ll also take a look at your assets. Download your most recent two months of bank statements, investment statements, and information on other property you own, if applicable. From there, we’ll use this information to help approve you for a mortgage and see what type of down payment you’re comfortable with. If you already use us as your local banking partner, we can verify your banking information internally.


2. Check Your Own Credit

Before we run your credit for your mortgage application, it’s also helpful to pull your own credit. You can do so for free each year from the Federal Trade Commission. This won’t negatively impact your credit score at all, and it doesn’t cost you anything.

We recommend checking your own score to help give you an idea of what loan terms you may have. Your credit score is an important factor in your mortgage approval process. We use this information to calculate your loan amount, your down payment, your interest rate, and more. If your credit is less than perfect, it’s helpful to know this ahead of time so that we can come up with a loan option that works for your financial situation.

After looking at your report, you may also find a discrepancy or something on there that you didn’t realize. Taking care of an error or paying a balance you didn’t know you had can help boost your credit score. It can also help us verify your credit is in good standing. Contact one of our mortgage experts if a credit consultation would be helpful to you!


3. Come Up With an Ideal Budget

Before you apply for a mortgage with us, it’s also helpful to have your ideal budget in mind. While we’ll give you the loan amount, you’re pre-qualified for, you also want to have a target number. This is where a budget can come in handy.

To start, write out all the income you have coming in. This can be from your job, a side job you have, Social Security, or alimony, for example. Next, write out all your expenses. Be as detailed as possible here so that you have an accurate picture of your finances.

Include your car payment, student loan payments, minimum credit card payments, and additional expenses you have. The remaining balance will give you a good idea of what you can afford to pay each month for your mortgage. You can then factor this in as you get approved and begin to look for a home. You can always schedule an appointment to sit down with one of our mortgage experts to assist you in establishing a budget as well. 


4. Calculate Your Down Payment

Once you have your budget, it’s time to start thinking about your down payment. If you’re able to put 20% down, you won’t have to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI). This will save you money each month.

The more you can put down, the less you’ll pay in interest as well. This will help you pay down your principal balance and get you closer to being mortgage-free if that’s a goal for you. If you’re considering buying a home that needs a little work, you may also prefer to keep some cash available for renovations.

You can always renovate and refinance at a later date. One of our mortgage experts can work with you on what down payment number works best for your unique financial situation. This number is different for everyone.

5. Do Some Local Research

When you’re going through the mortgage application process, it’s also helpful to do a little local research on the prices of homes in Idaho. The price will vary depending on where in Idaho you’re looking to buy as well as the type of home you have in mind.

Starting to house hunt will give you an idea of what you can afford. This will help make the application and home shopping process go a little smoother. We know the local real estate market and the Idaho mortgage rates. We’ll help you find a mortgage option that works for you and your family.


Applying for an Idaho Mortgage

From creating a budget to choosing your favorite Idaho location, these easy tips will help make the home buying process a little easier. Buying a new home is an exciting time. We’re here to help be your local mortgage partner.

If you’re ready to start house hunting, fill out the contact form here to kick off your Idaho mortgage application. We can’t wait to work with you and help you achieve your dream of homeownership.

Idaho is one of the fastest-growing states in the country, with an increase in the population of more than 55% since the 1990s.

The population of Idaho is expected to be more than 2 million by the end of 2021. Our beautiful state has some of the most untouched and diverse geographies. We draw in more visitors than we have residents in many years.

Despite being one of the least diverse states in America, Idaho is seeing rapid growth in new residents from all over the world. With its sweeping landscape, it's no wonder that Idaho is becoming a hotspot for home buyers. 

A majority of Idaho's residents own their homes. According to census data, a majority of homeowners are married. The overall homeownership is at 70%. 

With vast areas of farming and arable land available, many people are moving to Idaho to build their dream homes. So, what do you need to know about securing a mortgage for your dream Idaho home?


Idaho's Housing and Farming Market

Most states only discuss their housing market. Idaho is a little different from most states. The median property value is just $255,200. Farming continues to be a booming industry in Idaho. 

Farms and farming businesses are part of the culture of Idaho. Farming, fishing, and forestry workers flock to Idaho in record numbers. These industries are 4.45 times higher in Idaho than the national average. 

All of this farmland is supporting growth in first-time home builders and buyers migration to Idaho. The state has roughly 25,000 farms and ranches. Most cultivate a number of the 185 commodities that Idaho produces for the country and wider world.

This growth follows a rich tradition for Idahoans. Agriculture is part of the Idaho housing market just like any traditional home. If you're looking for a farming loan or refinance rates, keep reading to find out more.

History of Idaho as a Home

Idaho is one of the last true homestead states. With more than 3,100 miles of rivers (the most in the United States), pioneers settled in Idaho's wilderness well before it became a territory in 1863.

The Gem State was named for the more than 70 precious and semi-precious stones that emerge from the rich soil Idaho sits atop. The economy was originally developed from gold mining.

Pioneers tracked across Idaho on their voyages west. Many decided to stay in the state. Now, the state is larger than all of the New England states combined.

The plethora of soil types in Idaho makes it one of the best places to grow just about anything. Even if you're not a farmer just yet, even the smallest of yards will become a second source of food and goods for you and your kin.

Idaho: Where Business Blossoms

Farmers Bank is more than dedicated to helping Idaho's business landscape flourish. Our strong tradition of supporting business is more than 100 years old. 

Four generations of the same family have helped lead Farmers Bank to become the go-to for Idahoans. Our work is a dedicated, personal investment in our community growth. 

Ensuring your business success is more than just our career. Idaho is our home too. We want to bring you into the fold with sustainable support for all of your needs.

For local businesses, we offer credit cards, checks, online and mobile banking, merchant services, and remote deposits. 

Whether you're starting or expanding your business, we have the answers you need to get going. Idaho is a state of tradition; Farmers Bank knows this better than any national institution.

Idaho Mortgage Rates 

Like other states, Idaho's mortgage rates vary. Idaho has one of the lowest property tax rates in the nation, and the cost of living is also some of the lowest nationally. 

For example, Blackfoot is known as the potato capital of the world but has a very low population. These whistle-stops have some of the highest homeownership rates. In Blackfoot, over 60% of the 12,000 residents are homeowners. 

Despite the low taxes and cost of living, Idaho may not always remain so affordable. Millennials and Baby Boomers are flocking to the wilderness as an escape from insufferable city life. 

The population boom has led to the creation of many programs to help with home purchasing. Financing is available for most property types, including single-family homes, townhouses, condos, and manufactured homes.

Government and institutional loans and mortgages are constantly developed to help with the evolving market. Let's explore some of the details on loans and mortgages in Idaho:

Mortgage Loans in Idaho

Depending on your circumstances, there are many home mortgages available in Idaho. Conventional loans apply to almost any type of property. If you're looking to do a lot of work on your desired home, this is probably your best option. 

FHA, VA, and USDA loans are more flexible when it comes to down payments. You also don't have to worry as much about having a higher credit score to qualify. 

To move forward with one of these types of loans, you have to check your eligibility. No matter what, your mortgage will almost definitely be more cost-effective than paying rent to your landlord every month.

Current Mortgage Rates

What type of program are you looking for with your mortgage? Depending on the type of program you are interested in, you'll need to review the rates that work best for your budget. 

Home values can also change like the wind. In late 2021, Idaho is seeing an upswing. Typically, homes increase in value over time. 

Before you put your money where your home is, be sure to have the home appraised. Appraisals ensure you are not paying more for your home than it is worth. 

Real estate loans need to fit your needs. Whether it's for a full residential mortgage, purchase, or interim construction, Farmers Bank has a wealth of options and information available for you.

If you're looking to refinance, there are many options available to find the current mortgage rates. Understanding what it means to refinance is the first step in understanding your needs. 

Refinance Rates

When you refinance your home, you are essentially applying for your loan from scratch. However, there are many upsides to refinancing your property.

A lot of homeowners will refinance their homes to make the necessary improvements to their properties. Refinancing rates can be daunting when you're looking at the immediate number. 

Just think: if you're making improvements to your property, you are increasing your home value. Even if you are only adding $20,000 or $50,000 of work, this might double your actual property value in the future. 

There are short-term positives of refinancing your property as well. You're not just getting upgrades to your home, you could be upgrading your lifestyle opportunities too.

Refinancing rates usually have a better rate than other types of unsecured loans. Millions of Americans find that refinancing their property reduces their overall mortgage rate. 

Adding savings to your monthly budget can quickly add up in your savings account. Improving your interest rate is a much bigger positive than most people appreciate. The paperwork might sound complicated, but cash-in-hand is simple.

Refinancing your home is a decision to make toward your future. Your refinance rates don't have to go toward home improvements either. 

Looking to The Future 

Families use their refinance options on their Idaho mortgage rate to pay towards their children's college funds. The equity in your home can be borrowed against to use for investments that will create a lasting legacy in your family. 

Part of refinancing can also include changing your mortgage terms. When you refinance, you can change a 30-year mortgage to half that time (15 years) with a lower interest rate.

Not only will you pay off your mortgage faster, but you'll free up decades of your life with no more monthly payments. Sometimes reducing your mortgage terms through refinancing can mean slightly higher monthly payments, so get in touch to learn more about your refinance options. 

What Influences Refinance Rates?

The more equity you already have in your home, the better. Your debt-to-income ratio should also be considered. 

As with all aspects of financial consideration, your credit score will have an impact on your refinance rates in Idaho. Some institutions will also require private mortgage insurance

Whatever you're considering with your property finance management in Idaho, you should be prepared. In the next section, we'll explore how best to prepare for a mortgage rate in Idaho. 

Prepare for a Mortgage

Preparing for a mortgage is one of the most important things you will do with your money. Buying a home is the biggest investment you will ever make. It is also the third most important commitment you'll make, after getting married and having children. 

Even if you're not buying your first home, there are easy ways to prepare for a mortgage. Firstly, you need to establish your budget. Although you'll be saving for a down payment, your monthly costs need to be calculated thoroughly.

Consider all of the costs you have to outlay every month. Include all of  your bills and estimates for gas, groceries, recreational activities. 

Paying off your debt is another key aspect of preparing for your mortgage. Reducing your loans will help you build your credit score. The higher your can get your score, the lower your interest will be. You'll also cut down on your monthly payments.

Land Loans

Land loans can be used for commercial and personal use. When it comes to personal use, land loans are a great option for building your dream home. 

Most large banks and national financial institutions do not offer any type of land loan. Land loans are still considered a high-risk investment. 

In places like Idaho, land loans are more common because of how sparsely the state is inhabited. Many families in Idaho will need to have utility services installed, as well as build physical roads to their homes. 

Thankfully, land loans are not as high-risk as other types of mortgages because of the practical aspects of applying. You have to be very prepared for a land loan, which means doing as much research as possible. 

The research you do for your land loan is what makes it lower risk. Whether you're relocating or building your perfect property, the key is in the detail. Applying for a land loan helps you hone in on your desires, making the process more fluid for you and your financial stability.

Land Mortgage vs. Home Mortgage

Land mortgages are considered higher risk by most financial institutions because there is often no physical property to act as collateral if you default. To mitigate this risk, you will need to prepare for a higher down payment. 

Most down payments are in the range of 25% to 35% of the value of the property. For land loans and mortgages, the down payment range is uniform across most institutions. 

Home mortgages can vary significantly between lenders. This is one of the biggest differences between land and home mortgages.

One of the similarities between the two is the interest rates. For land mortgages, it's best to plan to build as soon as possible. Both types of mortgages are still dependent on your credit score, financial history, and current debts.

Mortgage Brokers 

People are taking advantage of the available properties in Idaho. There is high demand for what will soon be very low inventory. The upside is that mortgage brokers are looking for new clients now! 

There are several items to consider when you're looking for the best broker. Not all brokers in Idaho will offer the same type of services and loan types. 

Of course, qualifying requirements will need to be passed. Here is where your credit score, down payment potential, and financial history come into play again. 

The best mortgage loans can come from anywhere, depending on your needs. However, customer service is considered much better when you work with local experts. 

Big institutions have bigger rules to follow and can be detached from understanding your unique needs. Idaho is unlike any other state in the nation, so having someone who knows the area can help you in more ways than one. 

Ensuring your needs are met efficiently is key. Big banks work at their own pace and do a lot of work over the phone or via email. Local bankers offer you a physical person to interact with.

You can't beat the customer service and personal touch of a local lender. Local lenders have the bonus of detailed knowledge of your area, so can help you find the best mortgage interest rates.

Mortgage Interest Rates 

Interest rates can sound scary. Thankfully, you live in a free market. You can shop around until you find the best interest rates for you.

The bigger the bank, the bigger the interest rate. In Idaho, you'll probably find that local lenders will offer lower rates because they're looking out for you and the community. 

Big banks and beholden many layers of leadership and constantly pad their bottom line. With local lenders, you don't have to worry about the demands of someone on the other side of the country who doesn't understand the unique potential of Idaho's property market. 

Many future homeowners are choosing to go local to find the best Idaho mortgage rates of interest. Here, you'll find low, competitive interest rates that can fit any family or individual budget. 

Factors that can influence your interest rate include your income, credit score, the size of your down payment, and more. These factors give you options to negotiate with local lenders. 

Check Before They Rise

Idaho's interest rates vary annually. There has been a gentle upswing in the last year due to national trends. Be sure to check your options now, before the rates rise, and so you can stay ahead of the trend. 

Back in 2014, Idaho had the lowest interest rate in the history of the state. Thanks to the number of goods exported from the state, Idaho was awarded an excellent credit rating. 

Income has also been steadily rising in Idaho. In 2018, the state's large industrial sector started adding a wealth of new jobs to the market. At the time, per capita income in Idaho was some of the lowest in the country. 

Thankfully, when you couple these two factors together now, Idaho is one of the best places to invest your time, money, and future. It's time to start researching before the bubble bursts and everyone moves to Idaho.

Don't Trust The Big Banks?

Whether you're a Millennial or older, you'll remember the financial crisis of 2008. After the global crash, trust in banks plummeted. So many people lost everything they had worked for, and many stopped using big banks altogether. 

Even if you weren't directly impacted by the Global Financial Crisis, working with a big bank can feel inhuman. If you can get into a local branch, your banker will still be held to a national standard. 

Many national banks operate under risky circumstances but want you to be perfect. Did you know that some of the biggest national banks are constantly at risk of having their operations shut down by the government because of their behaviors?

Idaho is a state that depends on local knowledge. As an emerging hub of development, having someone who can work with local knowledge and flexibility can make your entire experience more fruitful.

A mortgage is the biggest financial decision most families and individuals ever make. You want the person you're working with to make you feel comfortable with your finances.

Find Someone You Trust

A customer-first mindset is what everyone should look for when deciding who to use for their mortgage broker. Current mortgage rates should work for you, not your bank. 

Refinance rates are also subject to local changes. At Farmers Bank, we've kept our finger on the Idaho housing market since 1917. Our acumen has stayed at pace with modern developments. 

If you don't have time to come in and see us, we can still help. We offer as many of our services through our online portal as possible. 

Being the best possible service provider is what we pride ourselves in. Our localized knowledge is why generations of families have come to us to help manage their money. 

Our heritage is dedicated because our bank has been run by the Hamilton family lineage since we started. With over 100 years of offering the best Idaho mortgage rates, we are a bank you can always trust. 

Farmers Bank has branches across six different locations throughout Idaho. We won't make you feel like you're walking into the headteacher's office. When you arrive at Farmers Bank, it is our goal to make you feel at home. 

Why Farmers Come to Us, and You Can Too 

You don't have to be a farmer to use Farmers Bank. We just happen to be well versed in the local needs of our clients. Idaho is a farmer's state, but we're growing fast. 

Knowing the best options for your needs is where we thrive. We offer small business loans, consumer loans, agricultural loans, and more.

Of course, you need somewhere to house your business. Mortgages are a huge part of operating any business. It's also the biggest personal commitment our clients ever make. Knowing you have the best rate is something we can ensure.

Personal Service with Farmers Bank

Farmers Bank is a member of your community. If you're looking for the best Idaho mortgage rates, you are already in the right place. 

We can't wait to welcome you into the Farmers Bank family. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.