Take Advantage of the Benefits of an ITM Near Me

With the recent developments in technology, it is no surprise that banks are finding new ways to enhance your experience. One of the most recent innovations in the industry is interactive teller machines (ITM). These machines offer unique banking experiences that make it more convenient for customers to get the help they need. While it is essential to have a physical presence, ITMs introduce a solution for banks and their customers who want quick and accessible services. Read more to find out how to take advantage of the many banking services available from an ITM near me


What Is an ITM?

An interactive teller machine (ITM) is a machine that uses a combination of video technology and touch screens to automate the in-person banking experience. Instead of going to a bank and speaking directly to a bank teller, an ITM allows customers to participate in a live video chat with a live, virtual operator. 

Customers have access to ITMs in the same way that they would an automated teller machine (ATM). While these two machines have a similar look and feel, the benefits of an ITM outweigh those of an ATM. 


How Is an ITM Different From an ATM?

The primary difference between these two machines is their capabilities. Generally, if someone would like to speak with a bank teller, they would walk into the bank. There is no need for this if there is an ITM nearby. 

An ITM performs almost all the same functions as an in-person teller. Customers can complete simple transactions as they would with an ATM. They can withdraw and deposit cash. They can also complete loan payments, transfer money to any account, and issue bank checks or money orders. 

The most notable features of an interactive teller machine that an ATM does not offer include the following:

  • An ITM has a video camera and microphone that allows communication between a virtual teller and the customer. 
  • An ITM has a coin dispenser that dispenses coins of every denomination.
  • An ITM does not require a bank card. Instead, it has an ID scanner to verify customer identification.
  • An ITM has a signature pad.

All of these features allow for seamless transactions without stepping foot into a bank building. 

Benefits of Using an ITM Near Me

Using and having access to an ITM near me comes with many benefits. Both financial institutions and customers can enjoy the convenience of this new technology. Here are a few benefits of ITM machines:


Shorter Wait Times

By using an ITM, customers do not have to stand in long lines at the bank. Not only do customers have access to this “self-check-out” form of banking, but they also have the same convenience as if they spent time with an in-person teller. 

It can be frustrating to deposit cash or a check into an ATM because the transaction shows as “pending.” Fortunately, ITMs solve this problem. Similar to in-person banking, all transactions are available immediately. There is no delay after depositing cash or checks, and there is no hold on your funds. 


Easier ID Verification

ITMs make verifying your identity quick and easy. If you do not have your card because you left it at home or lost it, other forms of identification can be used. The ITM teller can verify your identity with an ID or with your personal information. 

While there may be some concerns about the safety of this method of banking, there is nothing to worry about. Think of the ITM as an ATM with a live video chat. Unless you are a twin, no one shares your face. Therefore, it would be difficult for someone to use your information maliciously using an ITM. 



The ITM is incredibly efficient. The same transactions that are completed in a bank can be completed without stepping foot inside the financial institution. This cuts down on the time customers spend waiting in line and completing their transactions. 

Think about it. If you had the choice between waiting in a long line to speak with someone in person and walking up to a shorter line to an ITM to speak with another teller virtually, which would you choose?


Access to All Cash Denominations

Similarly to banking in-person, customers have access to all cash and change denominations when using an ITM near me. While an ATM usually focuses on larger bills, customers have access to their funds down to the cent. 

Generally, lack of access to smaller change is a reason why customers decide to go inside a bank. There is no need for this when they have access to an ITM. These machines come equipped with a coin dispenser so customers can have the same experience that they would inside a bank. 


Enhanced Customer Experience

Shorter wait times, easy ID verification, and access to all cash denominations sound like a recipe for increased customer satisfaction. If you are unsure about how to complete a transaction, you will be walked through the process by your virtual teller. 

This technology is also an advantage to non-traditional customers. Customers who do not work a traditional 9-5 or who simply do not have time to go to the bank during operational hours will have access to the same services as other customers. 

An ITM near me is just another way to improve customer satisfaction. 


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ITMs are the new wave in the banking experience. Farmers Bank is committed to improving customer experience. This is why we have ITM machines for our customers. Whether you work during the day or at night, our virtual tellers are available to help you through your transactions. 

To take advantage of our new and exciting interactive teller machines, visit us today. Let the benefits speak for themselves. Give us a call today if you have more questions about an ITM near me.

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