Personal Teller / ITMs

Superior Service Tomorrow, Starts Today!

Beginning in November of 2022, Farmers Bank transitioned all branch drive-ups to our new Personal Teller Machines. This new technology allows the the bank to continue to provide the high level of hands-on customer service our customers have come to expect while also allowing increased flexibility for the bank and our customer base. Simply tap the screen during business hours and speak directly with one of our local Personal Tellers to take care of your banking needs!

Check out our informative ITM video below to learn more about what our Personal Teller Machines can do for you!: 

ITM Machine Functionality: 

During Business Hours:

  • Speak to a Live Teller (via video chat)
  • Make Deposits (up to 30 items)
  • Get Cash Back w/ Deposits (100’s, 20’s, 5’s, 1’s)
  • Exchange Currency
  • Cash Checks to the penny
  • Withdraw Cash (up to $3,000)
  • Make Installment Loan Payments
  • Transfer Funds
  • Check Balance/Account Info
  • Check images will be on all check deposit receipts.
  • Saturday deposits now available at all offices! 

After Business Hours

  • Use just like an ATM*
  • Make Deposits

ITM Differences: 

During Business Hours:

  • All coin must be deposited inside the bank.
  • Ag/Operating/Flooring Loan Payments must be made inside the bank.
  • Credit Card payments must be made inside.
  • Deposits limited to 30 items.
  • NO deposit slips or payment coupons required. 

After Business Hours

  • Customers can now make deposits at the ATM*

ATM Functionality: 

ALL Day 24/7:

  • Make Deposits*
  • Withdraw Cash (up to $3,000)

*Instant credit is not available on check deposits made after-hours. Funds typically available the following business day.


Q: Why did the bank decide to make the switch to Personal Teller Machines?

A:  Personal Teller Machines gives the bank the ability to better service our customers by increasing availability in every community we serve and allowing for increased flexibility for both our customers and staff members.

Q: What are the hours for Personal Teller Machines?

A:  Customers can speak to a live teller using the Personal Teller Machine from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm Monday-Thursday (until 6:00 pm on Fridays).  Machine will function as an ATM 24/7.

Q: How will deposits be processed for the Customer?

A: Personal Teller Transactions done with a teller will process just as they do today. Customer will receive credit immediately and the transaction will hard post overnight.

ATM Transactions will process differently. Cash Deposits will be given immediate credit. Check Deposits done before 4:30 pm will receive credit the next day. Check deposits done after 4:30 PM will be given credit on the 2nd business day following the deposit.

Q: What is different about making a deposit at the Personal Teller Machine?

A:  Making a deposit with our Personal Tellers is very similar to making a deposit inside the Farmers Bank lobby. Some minor differences include that you no longer need a deposit slip and it is preferred that you endorse each check you are depositing.