Business Bill Pay

Business Bill Pay puts you in control!

We are excited to present a product that will put more control in your hands as a business owner. With multiple features and an easy-to-use layout, Business Bill Pay is available to help improve your day-to-day operations.

Whatever method of payment your payee will accept can run through Bill Pay. If a Merchant is paid by check, the check will clear your account and an image will be maintained in your statement.

Why use Business Bill Pay?

Control Over Accounts Payable
  • Set up multiple users and customize access levels
  • Approve payments before they are sent out
  • Monitor and review activity
  • Select between multiple accounts to pay from
Send and Modify Invoices
  • Attach one or multiple invoices to checks
  • Customize invoices to include information specific to payee
  • Review past payments and invoices at any time
Flexible Payment Options
  • Choose payment date(s)
  • Recurring payments for specified time or until cancelled
  • Set up reminders before or as bills come due

Reach out today for more information, set up procedures, rates and fees!