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NEW uChoose Rewards Point Structure

Earning points is easier than ever before! Starting 1/1/2019, uChoose Rewards will have an updated point to help you earn points even faster. 
  • On your Check Card:
    • For every $2 spent on signature based transactions, you will receive one uChoose Rewards point. 
    • For every $4 spent on PIN-based transactions, you will receive one uChoose Rewards point.
  • On your Credit Card:
    • For every $1 spent, you will earn one uChoose Rewards Points

Control your cards with CardValet

With the CardValet app, you can control and protect your cards wherever you are! Turn your cards on/off, receive alerts, view recent card activity, and even limit purchases by location, merchant type, or dollar amount all from your mobile device. Take control of your cards today!

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NEW 24 Month Flex CD

It's your money! Shouldn't you have some say in how it's handled? Our 24 Month Flex CD gives you the flexibility to deal with life's surprises and today's ever changing financial markets. With Flex CD you can not only earn interest securely from your local bank, but you will be allowed one withdrawal and two rate bumps per term!

Mobile Deposit

Skip the trip to the bank with Mobile Deposit! Deposit checks from anywhere via the Farmers Bank mobile app. It only takes a few taps on the screen and you will have your funds as early as next day! 

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MyCardCreation® Check Cards now FREE for all Customers!

 Add your favorite photo to your Farmers Bank check card using MyCardCreation®! Now available FREE of charge to all Farmers Bank customers. Design your custom VISA® Check Card today!

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Mobile Banking

Using the Farmers Bank Idaho mobile app, right from your cell phone or tablet you may:

  • Inquire on your accounts using text messaging. 
  • Inquire on your accounts using handy app functionality. 
  • View account balances. 
  • View account transactions. 
  • Make Bill Payments.
  • Pay friends using Pop Money®!
  • Transfer funds from one account to another. 
  • Receive custom Alerts created by you on your accounts. 


Mobile Banking is fully secure with use of Dual Authentication Verification.

See how easy it is to use Mobile Banking with our Mobile Banking Demo via the Online Education Center.


Click below if an online banking specialist has directed you to this area:

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